Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Southern Pecan

My favourite Tennessean recently gave me a couple of brown ales to review. So, the next two posts are dedicated to a badass lady and a true friend of Stout Man in a Bitter World.

Billed as "The Original Pecan Nut Brown Ale", Southern Pecan is brewed by "Mississippi's Brewery", aka the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company out of Kiln, Mississippi. Apparently, this little gem is brewed with whole roasted pecans. Bring it on!

Southern Pecan is a bit deceptive.  It's not really much of a brown ale at all--more of a red colour. It's topped with a thin layer of off-white head and is lightly carbonated. The aroma walks a nice line between bitter and malty. Toasty and slightly nutty flavours pervade the front end, while moderate bitterness closes the door.

S.P. comes in a 355mL bottle.  According to their website, it contains 4.39% alcohol by volume.  It's a very interesting beer.  It's a pretty mild brew, but one that's composed with a flock of cool flavours.  Be sure to try some if you come across it.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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