Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

Toronto's Mill Street Brewery has created a roster of tasty and interesting beers (and their less impressive Lemon Tea beer, but that's a subject for another day).  However, the undisputed king of the Mill Street family is its Tankhouse Ale.

Tankhouse is sold in stylish and shapely 341mL bottles.  It contains 5.2% alcohol and pours a nice-looking deep red with a full head that dissipates quickly.  It's extremely clear and considerably carbonated.

Tankhouse features a pungent aroma that is both spicy and yeasty.  The taste is complex.  It is at once hoppy and spicy.  Nestled somewhere within the peppery body lurks some malt sweetness and a faint blast of citrus. The aftertaste is bitter, but balanced with a gentle maltiness.

People, lemmetellya, this is a seriously class beer!  It is almost exactly what I am looking for when I reach for a craft ale.  It looks beautiful,  has a big flavour with lots of subtlety, tastes great and is highly sessionable.  There is definitely a reason that Mill Street's Tankhouse Ale is one of the top-selling craft beers in Canada.  It is both interesting enough for the serious beer enthusiast and approachable to appeal to average drinkers.  It should be a staple in every beer-lover's fridge.

Rating: 10.0 out of 10.


  1. Try Flying Monkey's Almost Pale Ale - it blows Tankhouse out of the water.

  2. Will do. I'm looking forward to it!

  3. I agree with your 10 out of 10. My favourite. Almost Pale Ale is great, but Tankhouse really stands out.

  4. coundn't agree more.