Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kensington Brewing Co.-Augusta Ale

My Pops was in town recently and offered to treat myself, my partner and my brother to a meal.  When he asked where we'd to eat, I thought with my liver and suggested a burger joint that I knew served Augusta Ale, the flagship suds of a new local T.O. brewery, the Kensington Brewing Co.  Born in Kensington Market, Toronto's breeding ground for hippies and hipsters, I fully expected a free-wheelin' and innovative brew.  While the Augusta Ale did not turn out to be particularly outrageous, it was a relatively enjoyable pint.
My companions and I divvied up a pitcher of the Augusta Ale.  It poured a slightly cloudy, pleasant reddish gold colour topped by a fair amount of fluffy white head.  The aroma is extremely mild, with only the faintest of sweet fruit notes.  The flavour progresses from sweet to bitter, beginning with notes of peach and apricot and slipping gradually into a hoppy finish.
 The beer is a bit milder than I would like.  It is also a touch on the thin side.  Still, Augusta Ale is a good first effort from a young brewery.  It is eminently drinkable, looks nice and has some character that sets it apart from generic, mass-produced ales.  Worth investigating.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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