Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dark Star Brewing Co.-Sunburst Classic Golden Ale

My partner and I just went to the theatre.  The performance was lousy and I needed a drink to pick my spirits up.  To that end, I sampled Dark Star Brewing Co.'s Sunburst Ale.  Unfortunately, my disappointment was not alleviated.  It's not that the Sunburst Ale was particularly unpalatable or disagreeable.  It just isn't all that good.
The most notable thing about the Sunburst Ale is its undeniable citrus flavour.  I love citrus and I believe that, in certain circumstances, it can greatly enhance an ale.  However, Sunburst's citrus flavour is unfortunately sour.  It gives the beer an unfortunate tartness that is hard to look past.

The beer is an attractive enough colour.  It is yellowy-gold and a bit cloudy.  It is sold in nice looking 500mL bottles and checks in at a respectable 4.8%.  It comes from Partridge Green, West Sussex, England.  When poured into a stein, there is very little head.

The Sunburst Ale is not without merits.  It is quite refreshing and the aftertaste is agreeable.  However, it doesn't have enough character to guarantee a return to my refrigerator.  My advice is to give this brew a wide berth unless your penchant for citrus fruits overlaps with your passion for beer.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.

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