Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Inaugural Post-Big Rock Brewery's Warthog Ale

For my first review, I wanted to tackle a Canadian beer, and not one that I am terribly familiar with.  After staring at the fridge for an eternity, I opted for a Warthog Ale, a tasty brew from Calgary's Big Rock Brewery.

Warthog comes in an imposing bottle that suggests big flavour and dark colour.  I was surprised to find the ale within was a pleasant brown-gold colour.  Its taste was lighter-than-expected given the menacing name and foreboding packaging; a pleasant coppery flavour that was bitter but not overpowering.  According to the label, the "taste of toffee lingers after she's gone."  I am inclined to agree with this characterization.  There is definitely a sweetish finish more typical of a stronger beer.

At 4.5%, Warthog Ale is extremely drinkable.  However, it is not the kind of beer that I would find myself reaching for on a hot day.  Rather, Warthog is better suited to a night of playing darts in the pub.

The label boasts that Warthog is "the ale that tamed the savage beast."  I don't know if I would go quite that far myself, but it is a delightful brew worthy of the Big Rock name.  While it might never make it into heavy rotation in my fridge, I am sure it'll make frequent reappearances.  If you like mildly bitter British-style ales, Warthog Ale is definitely worth picking up.

Rating: 8 out of 10


  1. Nice heading visual, and I LOVE the blog title. The review format is good, and you kept it short and snappy. But according to the Oxford Canadian Dictionary (which I had to consult because I mix these up, too), you taste with your palate (like the Fredericton restaurant) and paint with a palette.

    York Street Maven

  2. Stout Man, I am very happy you have started this extremely readable blog, although I was a little disappointed with your choice for the first beer to review. Mostly because I don’t really like Warthog (I find it too sweet) or any of the Big Rock beers really (although I do enjoy a Trad on occasion if its on tap). I hope your reviews aren’t going to be too soft. I would like to see some sort of 5 bottle beer rating system, and a top 10 beers list. Personally I would only give Warthog 2 out of 5 bottles. Can you get any Yukon Brewing products in the Big Smoke or should I bring you some?

  3. I have never seen a Yukon Brewing product in T.O. Send some my way and I'll gladly review it!