Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Golden Pheasant Lager

Toronto has recently been in the midst of an extreme heat wave.  As a result, I've been drinking more lagers that usual in an effort to beat the heat.  Golden Pheasant is a cheeky little Slovakian lager.  It comes in a snazzy 500ml bottle and weighs in at the standard 5%.
Hailing from Hurbanovo, Slovakia, Golden Pheasant was exactly what I was looking for on an afternoon where the mercury climbed well above 30C.  Sitting on a shady patio, I was thrilled when I tipped back the bottle and this classic golden liquid tumbled out.

According to the label, Golden Pheasant is "brewed according to an original recipe, using only natural ingredients: clearest water from our own wells, finest hops and malted barley."  The result is a delicious, slightly sweet brew with a gentle aftertaste.  GP was very refreshing.  It was crisp and clean.  In short, everything that I typically look for in a lager.  Apart from the muted sweetness, there were no surprises either good or bad.

Based on taste alone Golden Pheasant was not a terribly memorable beer.  However, the excellent packaging and the fact that I have sampled very few Slovakian products made it stand out.  A lager fan looking for a change from the mass produced North American options would be well-advised to give Golden Pheasant a chance.  It won't disappoint.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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